mimi mono 奈美良一

Pre-order: Mums Twilight Oversized Shirt

$359.00 HKD $399.00 HKD

Estimated Arrival: Mid October 2022

A natural blue, this shirt features white and green overlay patterns in an oversized, relaxing fit. Its minimalistic design with hidden buttons winds down the shirt forming a curved hem. 

This versatile wardrobe essential is best paired with shorts, pants, or a simple maxi dress. You can tuck the front in for a preppy look, or leave it unbuttoned with a tank top as its inner layer for a relaxed look. Style it your way for different occasions!

Made of 100% soft cotton, this beautiful print glistens under the twilight, just like the sun's reflection sparkling among calm waters beyond the horizon. Now, imagine yourself as the sun, and your child as the reflection's sparkles dancing freely above the waters. The warmth and love you give your child makes them thrive.

Oh by the way, there are slight differences in the print for every piece, making it uniquely yours!

 Size Shoulder Bust Sleeves Length Font Length Back Length
S 19.5cm 47cm 43m 67cm 70cm
M 20.5cm 50cm 43cm 70cm 73cm

*All dimensions are measured lying flat.

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