Handmade by Mums

Did you know that many of our exquisite accessories are handmade from scratch by mums?

We support working mums by showcasing their talents; From the printing of fabric, to the sewing and packing, these hardworking mummies done it all. Join mimi mono as we introduce you to some behind-the-scenes working with mums from around the world.


我們通過展示她們的才能來支持在職媽媽; 從衣服的布料印花,到縫紉和包裝,這些工作都由辛勤工作的媽媽們負責。 我們將向您介紹奈美良一與來自世界各地的媽媽們一起工作的背後故事。

Handmade in JapanHandmade in Japan
Handmade in Japan
Hand-made in Osaka, these baby essentials are delicately crafted by a Japanese seamstress whose unique style captures the essence of functionality with cuteness, all in one.
Handmade in China
Handmade in ChinaHandmade in ChinaThese intricate bags are lovingly handcrafted by a group of talented mummies in a China studio. The skills they have are superb!
Handmade in SingaporeHandmade in SingaporeHandmade in Singapore
And of course, we always support local. Handmade in sunny Singapore by an artistic mum, we were able to create wearable art together.
我們大力支持本地文化。 這些帆布袋由一位新加坡媽媽手工製作,
Mum is the best in the world
We welcome more mummies to connect with us if you'd like to showcase your creativity. As the saying goes, mum is indeed the best in the world💕
Browse all the mummies' hard work here.
Happy Mother's Day!