Welcome to the Animal Kingdom

Earlier this week, we've asked for your help to name our animal rompers and their characters. We've got them! Introducing our interactive animal rompers who have quirky personalities of their own, something that is different from the average animals that you've heard of!
於較早前,我們在社交平台上邀請大家為我們新一季的動物連身衣及其角色命名。 我們得到結果了,感謝大家勇躍參與活動!讓我們逐一向大家介紹新一季的動物連身衣,每個角色有著自己獨特的個性,與您以往見過的動物很不一樣喔!
The Lion King Baby Romper
Tootie the Bunny Baby RomperCheeky the Fox Baby RomperBouncy the Kitty Baby RomperLala the Penguin Baby RomperNom Nom the Alligator Baby Romper
Now that you've explored our animal kingdom, which animal is your favourite?
AW22 Baby RomperTake a picture of your baby in this collection and tag us at @mimi.mono.design, we wanna see what your baby can do!
寶寶穿上我們最新動物系列並拍下他們可愛的一面,誠邀大家在社交平台分享相片及標記我們 @mimi.mono.design ,記錄小寶寶成長時光!